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Souvenir from Glastonbury Music Festival

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LONDON (Reuters) - A dollop of mud scooped up during last weekend's Glastonbury music festival has sold for 490 pounds on the Internet auction site Ebay.

The sale should recoup the cost of the admission ticket, and more than compensate for the heavy rain.

"Stored in a plastic bag this should arrive nice and damp with the early Glastonbury dew still soaking into it," reads the seller's description.

The mud was collected from the front of the main Pyramid stage where Oasis, Morrissey and Paul McCartney performed.

Bidding began at 99 pence.

The Glastonbury festival, which dates back to 1970, has been criticised for becoming over-commercialised in recent years as mobile-phone charging points replace hippy campfires.

But the mud's owner has promised to donate half the final auction price to charity.

Festival fans can still snap up mud, in some cases with an accompanying rubber Wellington boot, for a few pence on the Web site.

eBay auction

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ebay has some of the stupidist crap, that guy seems like a scammer, "Buy now for $100" I'd like to see if he even has proof of it actually being from Glastonbury. But this is still not as bad as that guy who was selling "poop in a jar" on ebay.

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i saw a guy selling an "air guitar" for 500 bucks!, what a moron!

Even bigger moron is the guy who wants to buy it, LOL

XXX, you get 3 warnings about not purchasing after winning an auction, then they close your account & you have to start a new one with a different email address.

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