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The 50 Worst Artists in Music History

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I have been working at my local supermarket for about 30 hours a week for the last few weeks, and they are playing pretty much only Christmas carols and Chrismas songs. Actually, they have at least three different versions of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", and each of these three versions plays at least twice a day. If only I had some way of making myself temporarily deaf...

The list is certainly controversial, but it's good to see a number 1 most people can agree with. I don't see how they could possibly not include Slipknot though.

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Couldn't fault this list (except for the missing ones)....even the ones that I had fond memories of, a quick YouTube and I was reminded of just how crap they really were...very apt commentary.

All that's missing is Bono and the rest of his whiney, posturing, talentless cohorts....then the list would be complete. ;)

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That would be Cher AND Chastity?

Aah, Ron, that's where we would disagree. Cher has a preposterous sense of irony and a knowing sense of humour that elevates her waaaay above the rock hoi poloi. Bono is so far up his own jacksey he is chewing his own lungs...if I may coin a phrase.

Cher....talent....sense of irony and self-awareness.

Bono....talentless....err, that's about it.

I rest my case. :)

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Bob Geldoff, 39?

His musical career was a sham, (We are the World); but he was the star of Pink Floyd's 'Wall' & he also stole INXS's lead singer's model actress girlfriend away, which lead to his suicide; so wouldn't that be a Double-Whammy?

Also Iron Butterfly is pretty far-fetched on a list of worsts. IMHO


And again, they missed this? I would've placed George Michael tops of the pop on glop for any terrible singers list.

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Bob Geldoff, 39?

His musical career was a sham, (We are the World); but he was the star of Pink Floyd's 'Wall' & he also stole INXS's lead singer's model actress girlfriend away, which lead to his suicide; so wouldn't that be a Double-Whammy?

I've read more misinformed posts in my time, but not many.

Several years before starting up "Live Aid", Geldof was the very successful frontman of The Boomtown Rats, who scored a string of UK Top 20 hits, (including chart-toppers "Rat Trap" and "I Don't Like Mondays") and was temporarily poster-boy for the commercial end of the punk generation.

He made no musical contribution whatsoever to "We Are The World", which was the abominable contribution of top US artists to the Live Aid thing, under the banner of "USA for Africa" or somesuch.

Therefore you have completely dismissed the successful part of his musical career, whilst "crediting" him with something with which he had no involvement.

he also stole INXS's lead singer's model actress girlfriend away, which lead to his suicide
This could hardly be further from the truth.

Bob Geldof was married for quite a number of years to former "wild-child", later TV presenter/journalist, Paula Yates. They had three preposterously-named children together. Whilst presenting a TV programme, "The Big Breakfast", (made , somewhat ironically, by Geldof's TV production company), wife Paula engaged in the most outrageous of flirtations with her studio guest, Michael Hutchence, in front of millions of cereal-munching viewers. And thus began one of the most public cases of marital infidelity: the mother of all marriage-ending, family-wrecking, communally drug-tripping love-trysts, splattered across the media for all to see.

It was Hutchence who nicked Geldof's wife, (and Yates who abandoned her children in the process), leaving "Saint Bob" a broken man. The public humiliation must have been pretty difficult for Geldof to bear, I would imagine. At least he eventually got custody of the children- following a bitterly-fought and highly-public custody battle- on account, (presumably), of the atrocious, shameless, out-of-control behaviour of his errant, drug-abusing ex-wife, (the Jezebel). That Hutchence and "tragic Paula" both went on to die in sordid, sorry and frankly undignified circumstances, (whilst Geldof continues to command worldwide respect and veneration), is a great advert for the concept of karma. To somehow hold Geldof responsible for Hutchence topping himself is like..."wow..." (shakes head in utter disbelief)

Get your facts straight.

His solo career was nothing to write home about, mind you.

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My two cents on this list:

#50, Iron Butterfly: I like "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" as much as the next guy, but if you've ever been in an adventurous and/or masochistic enough mood to try listening to the five tracks on the other side of that album, you'll immediately understand why this group deserved to make the list. I found only one of them, "My Mirage" (a stereotypical psychedelic anthem) to be even marginally listenable.

#43, Mike & the Mechanics: I thought their debut album was pretty good, and I didn't really mind Beggar on a Beach of Gold either. The Living Years, on the other hand, was a complete waste of time and plastic (and whatever other materials go into making cassettes and CDs).

#42, Rick Wakeman: I like Yes but I've never really gotten into Wakeman's solo material. What little of it I have heard, I could take it or leave it.

#37, The Doors: The only entry on this list that I completely disagreed with. Now, if we were talking about the lineup that carried on after Morrison's death, it might have been a different story...

#32, The Hooters: I actually rather liked their debut album Nervous Night. I've only heard a couple of their songs after that album though, so for all I know they could have gone downhill from there. Oh, and for the record, the band had nothing to do with the restaurant chain (although both formed at about the same time).

#21, The Alan Parsons Project: Like most prog-rock groups, APP was really hit-and-miss, but putting them among the 50 worst rock artists of all time is a bit of a reach.

#18, Pat Boone: At least his metal covers are good for laughs.

#6, Kansas: See #21, The Alan Parsons Project.

#3, Michael Bolton: And to think he started out as a hard rocker! Then again, his one hard-rock hit, "Fool's Game" wasn't particularly memorable either.

#2, Emerson, Lake and Palmer: See #21, The Alan Parsons Project and #6, Kansas - then multiply by a factor of at least 10. ELP's music was basically prog-rock on 'roids.

Now, here are some artists and bands that should have made the list:

Post-Paul Rodgers Bad Company: Could you even recognize them as the same group after Brian Howe took over as their frontman? My God, he took one of the great bands of all time and made them sound like a bunch of pipsqueak Survivor wannabes. (The band Survivor, that is, not the TV show.) The next guy, Robert Hart, wasn't much better; he sounded as though he was doing an impression of Robert Palmer doing an impression of Rodgers.

James Taylor: See Dan Fogelberg (#19 on Blender's list). At least Fogelberg didn't sing through his nose.

Quiet Riot: Just as Whitesnake shamelessly mimicked Led Zeppelin, so QR shamelessly mimicked Slade. You'd think they could have at least picked a more interesting group to imitate. Speaking of which...

White Lion: As if Bon Jovi themselves hadn't become tiresome enough by the late 1980s, along came these Bon Jovi wannabes. Yaawwwnnnn.....

Europe: From Sweden, the same country that foisted ABBA and Yngwie Malmsteen upon the music world, these pseudo-hard-rockers gave us the simpering love ballad "Carrie" and, of course, their vapid signature anthem "The Final Countdown" which is still used to torture innocent, unsuspecting fans at sporting events to this day. As the list's author said, "Beware all bands named after states or continents!"

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Although there are many artists on this list with whom I am unfamiliar, it is very interesting nonetheless. I disagree with the inclusion of Mike & The Mechanics, Rick Wakeman, The Alan Parsons Project, Kansas, and The Gipsy Kings on the list. I love the music of The Alan Parsons Project, although I do agree that Pyramid was far and away the group's worst album. While Rick Wakeman did produce some overblown and pretentious solo albums, he also created some gems like Criminal Record and Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. I quite like Mike & The Mechanics. I saw them in concert in Toronto, and they put on a very good show. As for Kansas and The Gipsy Kings, a little goes a long way, but, if I am in the right mood, I like to listen to Carry On Wayward Son and Dust In The Wind and to the infectious beat of the Gipsy Kings.

I heartily agree with the inclusion of Whitesnake, Richard Marx, Crash Test Dummies, Bad English, Dan Fogelberg, Yanni, and Michael Bolton on the list. I can't think of any solo artists whose work I despise more than that of the insipid trio of Fogelberg, Bolton & Marx. A steady diet of their music would give one a bad case of diabetes.

There are many very talented Canadian bands and solo artists, but the group The Crash Test Dummies is not among them.

Because I liked the music of Journey, I made the egregiously stupid mistake of buying the debut album of Bad English. I listened to it once and then consigned it to the rubbish bin.

Yanni is elevator music at its worst!

I didn't like Deep Purple when Coverdale was the band's lead vocalist and I particularly dislike the music (and I use the word loosely here) of Whitesnake.

While I'm not a big fan of The Doors, they don't deserve to be included on this list.

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I love the music of The Alan Parsons Project (...) I particularly dislike the music (and I use the word loosely here) of Whitesnake.

APP is just very good. I love his music. And I couldn´t agree more with you, CanAm, I hate Whitesnake these days, everybody around me seems lo love them and play them constantly...

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