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Top 10 Bass Line songs

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Well, I had to register so I could put my 2 cents in:

Jane's addiction - three days

" " - mountain song

Violent femes - add it up

" " - gone daddy gone

Sly and the family stone - if you want me to stay

the Cure - love song & the walk

Thats just off the top of my head, I think that Jane's addiction, and The Cure should be mentioned in any bass forum, the majority of ther songs wher bass driven, the cure had so many catchy bass hooks, and some of Jane's was just down right serene, any one who hasnt heard three days, needs to.

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I don´t think many people know this song, "Sensitive" by Mick Karn, bassist of Japan and Dali´s Car ... it´s a cover of Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos´ song, "La Distancia"...

WOW take me back. that Dali's Car album was awesome.. it was Mick Karn of Japan and Peter Murphy of Bauhaus.. kind of a one off thing.. that was fantastic album.. i liked it better than Peter's solo stuff..

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