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Top 10 Songs You and Your parents Liked

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My parents were into jazz, classic music, "chanson française", bossa nova... I didn´t like that, except for French music. I only liked rock music. Funny, my brother and sister were/are into everything and they shared taste in music with my parents, but not me. I was a bit of a rebel...

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can't come up with ten right now, my brain is asleep... the rest of me can't sleep. but number one on the list is definitely.... drum roll, please :drummer: rock-a-bye your baby, with a dixie melody- aretha franklin. you could hear that song booming from our house, two blocks away. and that was in the '60's, before most people had good stereos to really turn up!!! :rockon:

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I grew up listening to not only 80s music, but Classic Rock as well. My parents had a few good albums, including The Wall, and Alan Parsons Project's Eye In The Sky.

When I moved in with my grandma back in 2000, I found the whole collection in a closet. The Eye In The Sky album still had the indentations from when I tried to trace the Eye Of Horus several times when I was 8 or 9.

I think the album we all loved the most was The Wall. We even had the movie on VHS, and I wouuld put it on every day during the summer. When I was 8 or 9 years old. Good times, good times.

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