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I have never heard that Shannon... intriguing.

I do know that Ted was the understudy for Murray Head, who originated the role on Broadway.

It's so weird that I just came here and read this post, because I just got done nominating a JCS song for the Top Ten (!)

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^^^^ Oh I know, I get those two mixed up also...

I also get Leslie Neilson and George Pappard (I think that's his name) mixed up also...

George Peppard is that handsome and so attractive guy from that movie about diamonds and Tiffany, with Audrey Hepburn. He was also Bannacek (spell?) on TV...

Leslie Nielsen isn´t handsome, he´s funny though... think "The Naked Gun"... wasn´t he on "Airplane" too? :P

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That´s a good list, Martin... a "normal" one. Those are the ten most important or famous Italian movie directors, and for me Italian cinema is one of the best there is. Except for the first one, Begnini... I don´t like him at all. Maybe the best after American and British... I love French movies, of course... but maybe you have to be French to like most of them... :grin:

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