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Favorite Obscure Songs

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  • Don't Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll -- Long John Baldry
  • Going Down ; Palace Of The King -- Freddie King
  • Woyaya album -- Osibisa

    And still more San Francisco area bands whose records deserved to get much farther:

  • Down To The Bone ; You Got Me Hummin' ; Under Pressure -- Cold Blood with Lydia Pense
  • Too Hot To Handle ; All Tore Down -- The Hoo Doo Rhythm Devils

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That's just a couple, but there are many more.

I've got a million of 'um

  • Ain't That A Bitch ; You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go --- Johnny "Guitar" Watson. The Original ‘Gangster of Love’
  • Slip Sliding Away ; Don't It Make You Want To Go Home ; Walk On The Wild Side -– The Persuasions ... a cappella Magicians !
  • Alone Again Or ; Seven And Seven Is ; She Comes In Colors -- Love. Arthur Lee’s band has somehow been overlooked by Classic Rock radio.

  • Feelings -- The Grass Roots. This is an idiosyncratic personal favorite. Grass Roots’ repertoire is a very mixed bag, ranging from near bubble-gum pop hits (Midnight Confessions , Temptation Eyes ) to hipper numbers (Where Were You When I Needed You , Let's Live For Today , and a cover of Dylan’s Ballad Of A Thin Man )

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Country Bob and the Blood Farmers "Bowl Full Of Noses"

Big Stick "Drag Racing" (consider the legendary lyric:"...In the summer I wear my tube top and Eddie takes me to the drag strip..."

Gordon Lightfoot "Blackberry Wine"

Rob Zombie "Living Dead Girl"

The Cramps "Human Fly"

"Garbage Man"

"Like A Bad Girl Should"

"Bikini Girls with Machine Guns"

Devo "Jocko Homo"


"Space Junk"

Klaus Nomi "Total Eclipse"

Dead Kennedys "Bleed For Me"

John Otway "Cheryl's Going Home"

Gary Numan "Down In The Park"

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"Greenberg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones"--the Cryan Shames, circa 1968; got a lot of airtime on WLS in Chicago. I bought the album--which contained the original "Get Together," covered the next summer by the Youngbloods--but I've long since lost the record & now can't find that song anywhere.

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How about:

Love Has No Pride - Bonnie Raitt - just a great vocal

Liked all of your songs, Phil but Love Has No Pride is simply awesome. That song could easily be her signature song. (Or Linda Ronstadt's who does a nice version, too). Then there's Linda's, "Long, Long Time".

Two songs that put a giant lump in my throat whenever I hear them.

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I Could Be Good For You ~ 707

Loud, Loud, Loud & The Four Horsemen ~ Aphrodite's Child

Can You See Him ~ Batdorf & Rodney

Song of Crazy Horse & The Ultimate Prophecy ~ J. D. Blackfoot

Post Toastee ~ Tommy Bolin

Martian Boogie & Lady (Put The Light On Me) ~ Brownsville Station

Sufficiently Breathless ~ Captain Beyond

Go Back ~ Crabby Appleton

From A Dry Camel ~ Dust

I'll stop there, for now. Like bazooka, I'm Queen of the obscure songs...

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sorry bazooka, you aren't QUEEN of anything. That sounded weird....
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Together ~ Cheryl Dilcher

Lakeshore Drive ~ Aliotta, Haynes, Jeremiah

Chicken Train ~ Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Oh man.I forgot about the song Chicken Train.Had some friends who played in a band in the early 80's and they would play that song off the album during one of their breaks.Everybody got in a train line that went through the club and made chicken noises.Too much Jack Daniels makes you do a lot of things.

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Thank you! Someone else remembers this. You must be from the midwest. My friends and I would go nuts with this song (yes, jack was probably there), ringing around a campfire, Bwawcking away like loons... or chickens as the case may be. ;)

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duh.... Kentucky is south/midwest!
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On the B side of the "Go Your Own Way" 45 was the little-known song left off of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours called "Silver Springs."

I loved that song so much that I had a friend of mine, who worked for a record store called Licorice Pizza, pick up a copy for me at a trade show. The dust cover was in Japanese. I still have that 45, although I no longer have a turntable.

The song has since been re-released as a live version on The Dance, but there was something so magical about that hard-to-get song back in the day... it remains my favorite song of all time.

The original version was also released on Fleetwood Mac's 1992 boxed set 25 Years: The Chain.

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The studio versions of "Ridin' The Storm Out" by REO Speedwagon and "Do You Feel Like We Do" by Peter Frampton.

"Storm" was originally sung by one of REO's band members (I forget which one), not their usual frontman Kevin Cronin. I've only heard the original "Feel" once, about a year ago on XM's Deep Tracks channel. Alas, no talkbox in that version.

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I had both of they'er albums back then (on LP's). lent them to friend(no longer a friend)who just wanted to make cassette tape copies... I later learned (after not hearing from him for a time), that he moved to Hawaii. Apperently he sold those two albums, and made enough to make the move... Stupid me........ I guess they where worth alot more than I thought..... But live and learn..

stupid, Jim

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