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The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra


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Ok guys I am new to all this, so forgive me if I post any music fopahs. ;)

Right now I am in love with a band called The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra. Nov 21st they just released their self produced, self titled cd on itunes.

I think this a great debut cd. a few covers but mostly orginial tunes. It's not perfect but it's got some great songs. A few of my favorites are Second Best, Southland, and Sweetwater, and of course Nobody knows you. Found is also a good one, sung by Brian less, this guy needs some teaking but I dig his voice. Ok I like them all. lol

I've seen them live and they are a great jam band. If you like southern rock or blues you just might like these guys. Check them out. You can find them under blues on itunes. Right now the cd is #2 on album blues chart there.

The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra


Band members;

Brian "little Memphis" Less, Sam Gunderson, Zippy Dieterich, Jeff Lopez, Mitch Jones






Nobody know you when you're down and out

Second Best

Bad Boy

She's into something

myspace page: www.myspace.com/littlememphisbluesorchestra

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