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Songs about being away


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"Breaker, Breaker" ~ Outlaws / Breaker, breaker, take me home, you know the one I wanna see

"24 Hours At A Time" ~ Marshall Tucker / Woman you know that I miss you, and I can't miss you no more, I've got this ride doin' 70 miles an hour, she's loaded, she's down to the floor. 'Cause I gotta reach that Arkansas line before the sun goes down.

"Heavenly Blues" ~ Outlaws / Morning brings the sunlight rising in my heart, it's only us together on the phone. Through the magic line I find it's only us apart, never hurts to know you're not alone.

"Your Name On A Grain of Rice" ~ Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers / I see the sun settin’ over America, I’m tryin’ to leave my darker side behind. Feelin’ my way down a blue desert highway, wish my rear view mirror could tell me a lie.

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