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WANTED: Good Band Names


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With all my galumphing down in that anagram game, I've discovered that the jumbling of actual artists' names or song titles has fantastic potential for generating something new and definitely different:

  • Jet Ski Mule
  • Lost Bubble Motel
  • Ethanol Curry
  • New To Lipstick
  • Doggone Hat Klan
  • Tony Double Gosh
  • The Siamese Girdle
  • REO Swim Lesson
  • Randy Soviet

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Here's more (semi-precious) 'gems' culled from the Anagram This thread [Open 24/7] :

  • Crab Doo Taco
  • Andean Tech
  • Suave As The Broom
  • The Very Short Rebel
  • Reginald Negro

and these are 'partials' (the premium pieces of longer anagrams)

  • Headset Afire
  • Neon Ugly
  • Iowa Gang Romeo
  • Athlete Limbs

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a bit long but I like-Your Pants Will Be Ready on Friday.

I neglected to mention: although it's a bit long, I like this one too. But substituting "Pants" for "trousers" for the sake of the UK audience.

(Pants = undercrackers, shreddies, Y-fronts, etc. Ordinarily, one wouldn't send these to the dry-cleaners...)

If it doesn't make it as the band name, I will endeavour to create a song with this title. :thumbsup:

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