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Sweet Jane 61

The Gift of Love

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This was inspired by someone who helped me through a time in my life when I had completely given up on love. I don't know where he is now, we have lost touch, but I will never forget the gift he gave me.

The Gift of Love

Living life thinking love was not for me,

A heart filled with pain in all I know

Searching for answers, empty is my soul...

Then like an angel you appeared, saying I must believe.

Afraid to unsheild my heart again,

You took my hand and showed me the way.

Whispering let me love you if I may,

The miracle of love never should we abstain.

Two souls touching with every breath taken,

Rediscovering the faith we'd lost in our hearts,

Finding all the shattered pieces and parts,

Knowing our love will never be forsaken.

The gift of love you have given me

No matter how long it may last,

The gift of love you have given me

Seeing a future forgetting the past...

The gift of love have we.

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Thanks Peachy and Blue, I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve,and that can be a good thing sometimes like when I write. My poetry may not be filled with all the fancy words some poets use and perfect lines, but they are filled with my deepest emotions, and I think people connect with my poems in some way.

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