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This is Jarvis Cocker's solo venture, which came out last week. Forget about Pulp and the "different class" sound, no catchy pop tunes here. This has an eirier feel, more like "this is hardcore". Very critical of society (I read a review and apparently he has moved to France, which has given him the opportunity to criticise british society), serious and quite gloomy at times, this album is definitely reccommended.

You might have heard "don't let him waste your time", which is think is the first single off this album, but the whole album is definitely worth a listen. I really like "heavy weather" (it actually made me teary), "disney time" and "fat children". The later is actually hilarious and tragic at the same time, a criticism of fat children, chav culture and their parents.

I've only heard it a couple of times, as I bought it yesterday, but I think it will be an album Iw ill always enjoy.

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