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Arlen Escarpeta and the "We Are Marshall" film.


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Hey guys it has been a week or so since I have been around. I have been real busy with this new curriculum that I am involved with at my high school. I have also been involved with my high school reunion committee class of 1967. Man I'm getting old.

Also my little dog got gimped up a little bit this past weekend and I've been worried about him. I believe he has a little arthritis in one hip and sometimes he gets to running so hard he dings it up a little. With my wife doctoring him and me spoiling an already spoiled dog he is coming along pretty well. Now my wife's hip is acting up where she has lifted on him for the past 4 days. A person just can't win.

Now for my post as everybody sighs, "its about time rtstuff.".

This weekend I met and talked to one of the actors in the upcoming movie, "We Are Marshall". He was just the nicest and classiest of young men, Arlen Escarpeta. Arlen probably is best known for his role of Sam Walker in the TV series of last year, "American Dreams".

Arlen plays quarterback Reggie Oliver who was the quarterback that led Marshall to its first win after the tragic plane crash. I just can't say enough about this young man. While he was here in town he talked to several youth groups about getting there priorities in line and he even read to a bunch of elementary school children.

I also met and talked to Arlen's agent, Britton Hein, who was also a very nice and classy young man. As I told Britton later they were both great ambassadors for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. So often we hear about all of the negatives of that industry, but these guys were all class.


Marshall U. 1971

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