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I shall finally stray away from the American domination of this thread to talk about the cricket, and see if I get a reply from an English person:

Ponting almost makes 200, Freddie out for a duck, England dismissed for 157, Australia leading by 626 runs with 9 wickets in hand and 2 days left...

Things are looking a bit bleak for the English, aren't they? :P

Okay, fine, I guess they still have four more tests to redeem themselves. :)

They had a good session this afternoon though, 107 runs added with only one wicket lost. England 3 for 150 at tea, with Collingwood 56 not out and Pietersen 25 not out. They only need 498 more runs to win.... :grin:

Yay, I can finally contribute to this thread!

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Tell me you did not think I was serious about Gingras.    Honestly, my favourite Quebec born player is "The Roadrunner" and IMO, The Rocket is the greatest Montreal Canadiens player of all time.  I th

I'm stumped for what to say about the Test so may just bail out at this juncture...

Geoff Boycott summed it up by saying that they are simply better than us! I guess when you can get your ball to exploit and turn in the cracks you have the advantage. We couldn't find a consistent line and length and this has been our problem so far. Poor balls lead to big scores, and good bowling on an uneven surface leads to poor batting... I see a bit of a fightback happened last night, but this 1st test is lost.

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Patriots vs. Bears

Low score game...but a good game!

Pats 17

Bears 13

I predict that the Bears will go all the way to the big game this year, by not having much competition in the NFC, other than Bill Parcells' Cowboys, now that Romo has picked up lead. I was surprised by Urlacher's lacking performance last sunday versus the Patriots, but there's still pleanty of opportunity left for this team to make it throughout the playoffs.

Super Bowl XLI prediction: Colts 41, Bears 3

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Isn't Australia tired of winning at everything they take up?

You'd think so, but no. :)

We would really like to be better at Football/Soccer. The World Cup was a dream come true for us, but I will be very disappointed if we don't qualify in 2010.

At least India are better than us at chess, and probably hockey too. :)

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