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HALLOWEEN Special Top Ten

OLD 55

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I looked up Hallowe'en on Wikipedia (what a great Site) and I think this could provide some Guidelines for Song Nominations when we begin.

The imagery surrounding Hallowe'en is largely an amalgamation of the Hallowe'en season itself, nearly a century of work from American filmmakers and graphic artists, and a rather commercialized take on the dark,diaria and mysterious. This art generally involves death, magic, or mythical monsters. Commonly-associated Hallowe'en characters include ghosts, aliens, ghouls, witches, bats, owls, crows, vultures, haunted houses, pumpkinmen, black cats, spiders, goblins, zombies, mummies, skeletons, werewolves, and demons. Particularly in America, symbolism is inspired by classic film, such as fictional figures like Dracula and Frankenstein's monster in the vein of Boris Karloff and Alfred Hitchcock. Homes are often decorated with these symbols around Hallowe'en.


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FarinU said:

Also, some of you may remember that we were talking of having a Halloween Special Top Ten which I think would be fun.


sounds interesting, but if you don't mind me asking, what would that be including?

only songs about ghosts and vampires, or maybe just music by the Smashing Pumpkins and Ozzy Osborne?



OLD55 said:

Sorry Farin, I should have PTd you first. This was mentioned a couple of months ago (at least) when we were talking about "Special Top Tens". I think it was around about the time we had Phil's "Worst Songs" Top Ten.

Good question

What is a Halloween Song ?

Here's an example of my thinking using two Elvis songs :

(You're The Devil) In Disguise (Yes, could be a Halloween costume.)

Good Luck Charm (Not really; would have been great for a Friday 13th one if we'd had time to do it last week, but it probably could sneak in).

Any more thoughts from out there, Top Tenners ?


UncleJoe said:

Here's the track listing from a Halloween CD I made a few years ago. About half of the listings are sound bites/effects. Many of the songs are old doo wop Halloween songs and many of the others you will recognize.

1 SIX FEET UNDER THEME (Thomas Newman)

2 DINNER WITH DRAC (John Zacherle/Roland)

3. Muhahaha

4 MONSTER MASH (Bobby Boris Pickett)

5. It's Alive 6. FRANKENSTEIN'S DEN (The Hollywood Flames)

7. MUMMIES' BALL (The Verdicts)

8. A Real Scream 9. SCREAMIN' AT DRACULA'S BALL (The Duponts)

10. Beetlejuice 11. Hands 12. FRANKENSTEIN'S PARTY (The Swingin' Phillies)


14. THIS IS HALLOWEEN (Nightmare Before Christmas)

15. DEAD (The Poets)

16. HEADLESS GHOST (The Nightmares)


18. THE VOODOO MAN (The Del Vikings)

19. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD (Monty Python)

20. DEAD MAN'S STROLL (The Revels)

21. THE ZOMBIE WALK (The Magics)

22. ZOMBIE JAMBOREE (Rockapella)

23. THE SINISTER STOMP (Bobby Boris Pickett) 24. Shrieking cat25. HAUNTED HOUSE (Jumpin' Gene Simmons) 26. Uncle Fester

27. PEEK-A-BOO (The Cadillacs) 28. Peek-A-Boo

29. PSYCHO KILLER (Talking Heads) 30. Dorothy


32. Stooged 33. HAL

34. HORROR PICTURES (The Calvanes)

35. Twilight Zone 36. Rod Serling

37. Wolf Howl


39. HAL again 40. Close Encounters 41. ET calling 42. Klatuu Berada Nickto

43. They're here 44. Dorothy

45. SWEET TRANSVESTITE (Rocky Horror Picture Show/Tim Curry) 46. Dorothy

47. PEOPLE ARE STRANGE (The Doors) 48. Dorothy 49. THE SHADOW KNOWS (Radio)

50.Shiver 51. Scream and run 52. Screaming & running 53.Toto's Scared 54. S.O.W.

55. TAM LIN (Fairport Convention)

56. Good Witch? 57. Cackle

58. HOW DO YOU TELL A WITCH (Monty Python)

59. Melting witch 60. DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD (Wizard Of Oz Cast)

61. No place like home 62. The end


c s 1987 said:

If we are doing the Halloween Top Ten, I will have to nominate Horror Movie by Skyhooks. I haven't decided on my other nom yet.

NOTE: We might have a few Nominations each Chris !


FarinU said:

I don't have much experience in celebrating Haloween you know?

I'll just wait what the others are nominating and do so accordingly...


RonJon said:

I know it will be great fun, no matter how the nominating process turns out.....it always is and I appreciate everybody that runs it and participates.


edna said:

I just checked the list of songs in Wikipedia and I didn´t find my future Halloween Special Top ten nomination, "Dancing with Mr. D."... and according to what Darryl said on his post, I think it´s very accurate. Why did they list "Paint it black" or "I put a spell on you"? It has no relation with it (maybe the line "...put a spell on..." ) So I will post the lyrics in the random lyrics thread... and plan to nominate it anyways


And of course I had to have the last word....

Thanks RonJon and edna. I'll OPEN the Halloween Thread now. Please see Top of page. edna, I didn't see that list of songs you mentioned in Wikipedia. I'd prefer us to think of ones ourselves, as you have. Dancing With Mr.D would be fine ! Makes more sense than Paint It Black.


Thanks to all others who've expressed support for the idea.

We intend to start procedures after The Ultimate Top Ten has been decided !

:jack: :jack: :jack:

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Death Walks Behind You - Atomic Rooster ("a record of almost freakish beauty" - allmusic.com)

Brief Candles - The Zombies

I just had to have something by the Zombies for Halloween, but I couldn't find suitable titles. I funally settled for Brief Candles from Odessey & Oracle.

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Thanks for those great songs. It's nice to see such enthusiasm, but I did mean to leave the Thread locked until after the Ultimate Top Ten was decided.

ALSO I thought we might have MORE than 2 Nominations each ! I reckon we could all come up with quite a few.


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After careful deliberation:

1. Beelz- Stephen Lynch

It's about Satan. Only it shows the true side of Satan. I tried to find a stream but couldn't, but I suggest you check it out because it's really funny.

2. Halloween- Stephen Lynch

This one isn't really about Halloween, but it's funny. Be warned that his stuff is vulgar, but it's also very funny.

3. Ghostbusters Theme- Ray Parker Jr.

4. Halloween- Dave Matthews Band

5. Mind Playing Tricks On Me- Geto Boys

There we go. Five songs, all somehow related to Halloween.

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O.K. I've changed my previous Post; it's like banging my head against a brick wall. We'll just proceed as we would for a normal Top Ten, but this is a just a special FUN one SO.........


Those who've already given two please give us another three if you'd like to ! Five may be too many, but now the option is there.

And no making songs up ! A bit of supporting info with each song will be appreciated (year, Album it's from if it's not a Single).


Well done TallOne. :thumbsup: I don't know about the 'true side of Satan' though. He's Evil personified. I don't want this to turn into a Devil Worship Thread. Let's not forget ghosts, aliens, ghouls, witches, bats, owls, crows, vultures, haunted houses, pumpkinmen, black cats, spiders, goblins, zombies, mummies, skeletons, werewolves, Dracula and Frankenstein.

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I am not very familiar with Halloween songs. The Tall One already beat me to my intended nomination of the Ghostbusters theme song. With more than two nominations allowed the best have already been taken I believe.

I'm not sure how appropriate these are, but I'll go with (same title - two different songs)

1. Devil Woman - Cliff Richard

2. Devil Woman - Marty Robbins

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I don´t know much about Halloween neither...

So I´ll try to add just a couple of songs...

Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Green River - 1969)

Dancing with Mr. D - The Rolling Stones (Goat´s Head Soup - 1973)


Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix (Electric Ladyland - 1968)

Witch Queen of New Orleans - Redbone (Message from a drum - 1971)

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The Ghost Song - The Doors (from 'An American Prayer', 1978)

Pet Sematary - The Ramones (from 'Brain Drain', 1989)

Runnin' With The Devil - Van Halen (from 'Van Halen', 1978)

Clap For The Wolfman - The Guess Who (from 'Road Food', 1974)

*Black Shuck - The Darkness (from 'Permission To Land', 2003)

*'Black Shuck' is the name given to a ghostly black dog which is said to roam the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline. More info.

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