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"We Are Marshall" film update


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On Wed night at 7:30 on ESPN 2 Marshall is going to play Central Florida from Joan C. Edwards stadium in Huntington, West Virginia.

Matthew McConughey is going to be there along with the director McG and a number of Warner Brothers brass. I am sure that they will be shown and perhaps interviewed by the ESPN crew.

I am really excited about this game and the events surrounding the movie. There is going to be a walk to the stadium about two hours before game time with the team and the Budweiser Clydsdale horses and the wagon. This is the same rig that is shown during the Christmas season on the Budweiser commercial. McConughey will be leading the team and the Clydsdales. There will be a big fire works display sometime during or after the game.

This is the biggest thing to hit my little town since VE Day according to my mum.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the showers will hold off till after the game.


Marshall U. 1971

"Hope Never Dies"

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