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John Lennon in film

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Carl recently posted about Dylan (in Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid) and also Lennon and Jagger being in films, since this has it's own foundation I thought it better to post rather than thread it to his post. The film I have spent more time reading about than it's run time is How I won the war starring Michael Crawford and John Lennon as (Gripweed). This film is unconventional has no normal plot structure and is almost avant-garde. A surrealistic and satirical look at war. And the anti-war theme which is all what drew Lennon to it. Lennon composed STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER while making this movie. Curiously it has no musical contribution from Lennon. Lennon was asked to wear his trademark round glasses for this film and he continued to wear them publicly from this time on.

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Pink, I was thinking "Lennon in his round glasses" were introduced to the public in this film. Short hair, too. This was the first appearance of a Beatle in something other than their trademark locks, all of which had been growing longer during those previous two years.

Up to that point, the few photos of Lennon In Glasses were the Foster Grants (a short clip in HELP! and behind the scenes photos from their '64-'65 insanity.

Then somewhere during this film's work schedule (1966), he shaved down and donned the WWII-type specs, and never got away from them. I remember his shorn appearance got more attention than the film did. I saw this film again in the late '70s and remembered why I couldn't remember it well from its original viewing. It's not that memorable!

Check out this Amazon link's "release date" of "January, 2010". Gee...I was thinking Stanley Kubrick would be involved in THAT one! ha ha:


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