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Never been any reason - Head East

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Head East (One-hit wonder back in the 70's)

1) Was curious to know if the song is titled "Never Been Any Reason..." or "Save My Life I'm Going Down for the Very Last Time" ?

2) The year of record / single release ?

3) Any known good compilations that feature this song on it, preferably 70's rock hits type.

Thanks for any input or info on the song, after doing a mild search that yielded no results, I thought to you guys & gals.

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1) The correct title is "Never been any reason". There are no matches for it with the latter as the title.

2.)The song was released on the album Flat as a Pancake in the summer of 1975.

3.) It's also featured on the second soundtrack for my favourite movie of all time, Dazed & Confused with great hits like War's "why can't we be friends?", Edgar Winter Groups "Free ride" and Alice Cooper's "No more Mr Nice Guy".

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"Never Been Any Reason" was originally released in 1974 on Pyramid records, Head East's own label before A&M signed them. Both albums were titled "Flat as a Pancake."

Head East actually had two other minor hits. "Love Me Tonight," from the same album, got a lot of play, and the Russ Ballard tune "Since You Been Gone" was a hit from their self-titled album of 1978.

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Hi there, 

Like everyone else, I absolutely love this song!!! I've always been confused though. It sounds like there are two singers taking the lead on the verse. For example, "Have you ever been lonely?... Do you think of me, as just another one?". Followed by "You've been talking in circles".. or something like that. Am I dreaming? Are  there two singers going back and forth or is this guy just a kick ass singer mimicking two voices? Any help would really put me at ease with this one. Thanks everyone!!!! 

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