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okay here's the complete list:

[spoilerq:1]open only if you're sure you don't want to play yourself[/spoilerq]

[spoilera:1] From Top Left to Bottom Right

The Birds,

Twin Peaks,

War of the Worlds,

The Crow,


The Fly,

the Hills have Eyes,

House of Wax,

the Village,

Rear Window,

Children of the Corn,

Friday the Thirteenth,

the Howling, Seven,

the Butterfly Effect,


Nightmare on Elm Street,


Pumpkin Head,

the Dead Zone,



12 Monkeys,

Sixth Sense,

Silence of the Lambs,



39 Steps,

the Gruge,


Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

the Ring,

the Omen,


Pitch Black,

the Wickerman,

the Candy Man,

Rosemarys Baby,

Lost Boys,

Blue Velvet,

the Mummy,

the Creature From the Black Lagoon,

Beetle Juice,

Childs Play,

Dark Water,

the Shining,


a Clockwork Orange,

the Invisible Man and


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it's not who they are, but how they're treating each other...

I would never thought of the movie with the staircase (which has nothing to do with the title btw.) and I don't want to give too many clues... maybe if you imagine the M&M in the dress coming down... it's not quite 50 footfalls.... (:doh: that's a terrible clue, sorry... :P)

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