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I went to the American Idols concert the other evening


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in my hometown of Huntingto, WV. My wife, my mum and I had a great time at the 2 hour and 45 minute performance. The top ten finishers all participated. They came out in the order that they were voted off the show. Mandisa kicked off the evening.

Taylor and Chris by far were the best entertainers. I really enjoyed Chris' rendention of Bon Jovi's "I'm A Cowboy". I will tell you who has a lot of talent and that is the little gal Lisa. She played the keyboards and did a couple of Elton John songs. The kid is really talented.

I also really like Elliot. The kid has a crystal clear voice even in an arena that doesn't have the best of accoustics. Ace is a pretty face and can jump like a mad man, but that is about it.

Catherine is a very beautiful woman. She has a nice voice, but I thought she lacked that something extra as an entertainer.

I didn't care that much for Paris. All she could do was "shake her booty".

Now ole Bucky I think has improved since the show last season. He did Doby Greys "Drift Away" which was pretty nice. The kids in the arena got into it.

I don't know what happened to Kelly. She didn't look the same or sound the same as she did back on the tv show. She appeared very tired and even perhaps suffering from an illness.

All in all it was a very fun evening. They came out as a group for several encores. Taylor said it was one the best venues they had performed at for sheer noise and energy from the crowd.


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