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Big Spring Jam '06 HELP!


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Well, the list is out for our Annual big spring jam, here in Bama.

For those who dont know, its a weekend long party basically. 3 days, 5 stages(different genres) And 92 bands.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will be there!

Ill go ahead and post the others. Now there is a mix of EVERYTHING! Even Bo Bice will be here!

SO, ill post the URL...please tell me who i should go see, cause theres lots, i need to prioritize and bands of course play at the same time.

Big Spring Jam '06 Band Lineup

Corr Wireless Stage is the Classic Rock/Rock stage.

WZYP is kinda a mix of bands of today and yesterday. Lot of r&b, rock, punk, different stuff.

1st Baptist/The Rock is Christian music.

WDRM is Country.

Pratt Whitney is classics oldies and all other types of music. Jazz, different things like that.

So...help me out guys! I need a schedule!

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Oh Heck Yes! Its so worth it. Tickets are only 35 dollars, and no seats...bring your own. Oh, and the 35 dollars is for the WHOLE weekend.

Now, to see these bands normally, it would cost twice that to see one or two. Here, you have everything you want for 35 dollars. AND THE FOOD! OUT OF THIS WORLD! They might even have some karaoke. And i think you should sing something! Do the carlton dance!

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