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Fight For Your Mind - Ben Harper

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1. Oppression

2. Ground On Down

3. Another Lonely Day

4. Please Me Like You Want To

5. Gold To Me

6. Burn One Down

7. Excuse Me Mr.

8. People Lead

9. Fight For Your Mind

10. Give A Man A Home

11. By My Side

12. Power Of The Gospel

13. God Fearing Man

14. One Road To Freedom

If anyone has ever heard anything by Ben harper, you'll know that he is pleasing to listen to. And on this album he perfects the mix of styles in his music, such as soul, gospel, reggae, rock, folk, blues. Each song is distinguishable from every other, and they all bring something different to the table, and combine for a great listen. What I love about this album is that you can listen to it in virtually any situation.

Ben takes some stabs at politics in "People Lead" and "Excuse Me Mr.", and some very upbeat and happy songs, like "Gold To Me".

This album really shows Ben's vocal range, hitting very low notes in Another Lonely Day, and hitting high nots in others. Also, there is a lot of slide guitar, one of his talents, and he really manages to fit into songs very well. Basically, this album isn't some mind blowing instrumental album, nor epic, but if you are looking for just a solid listen while doing almost anything, this album is right for you.

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