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A lot of those bands are great, but all I'm saying is that Radiohead is better than most of the bands on this list.

Anyways, Lizard, The Bends is the best starting point, I think. Pablo Honey might be their most accesible, but it's often considered their worst. I can do song reccomendations as well if you like.

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A lot of those bands are great, but all I'm saying is that Radiohead is better than most of the bands on this list.

No, they aren't - by a long shot. After Pablo Honey, Radiohead attempted to produce a sound that Pop culture would attribute as "experimental" and "avant garde," but, to an ear who has heard similar - and better - sounds from other artists, they came off as faux-avant garde. In other words, a knock off of better things, particularly Kid A, the live album, Amnesiac, and Hail To The Thief. Haha. That's pretty much over half their material. I was listening to Depeche Mode singles and their b-sides from the 80s and even that stuff is waaay better than anything electronic Radiohead tried their hands at: The different samples, the cued silences, distorted echoes, etc. You don't need to be a trained musician to know how much better it is just based on the rich and vast amount of cohesiveness other electronic musicians have. NewOrder would be another band that's better than Radiohead. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark is another. Heck, add Roxy Music into the mix again. I'm sayin', once Radiohead attempted to be experimental in their music by steering away from the "alternative"/"indie" Rock sound, they opened themselves up to being compared not only to other Rock bands, but also to bands and artists who are proficient at electronic music.

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Thanks! :)

Song recommendations would be nice too, though! :cool:


"Creep" (radio edit)

"Creep" (unedited)

"Fake Plastic Trees"

"High And Dry"

"My Iron Lung"

"Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was"

"Paranoid Android"

"No Surprises"

"You And Whose Army?"

"I Might Be Wrong"


"True Love Waits"

I'd recommend getting either the album, The Bends, or the e.p., My Iron Lung. The songs are fantastic in both. Those early songs are gold. If you got the time (and money), I'd also seek out some of those singles from the early albums. Once they get to Hail To The Thief, it gets utterly boring and forgettable.

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Well, tastes are one matter, and I can't say your tastes are wrong, but I disagree when you say Radiohead are faux experimental. I don't think they try to fake any experimentalism...they just kind of do what they want to do.

Lizard, song reccomendations in chronological order:



Anyone Can Play Guitar

Planet Telex


High and Dry

My Iron Lung

Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was)

Fake Plastic Trees


hell, just download all of the Bends. Every song is fantastic.

Paranoid Android

Airbag (A lot of people dislike this song, but it's my personal favorite. Give it a shot)

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Karma Police


National Anthem

Everything in its Right Place

Pyramid Song

Like Spinning Plates

You and Whose Army?



Where I End and You Begin

That should be a good starting point.

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I can't say your tastes are "wrong" either. I like listening to some Radiohead, but they're not very good when compared to other artists who do experimental and electronic music. I'd rather pare them with other BritPop and Rock bands. In that sense, I'd be thinking of other bands in that scene: Suede, Blur, Travis, Placebo, Kent, Aqualung, clodplay, Keane, et al. Their early sound is more fitting and on-the-level with those bands; no disparity there.

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Agreed. Beach Boys were much more accomplished than Journey, & the Ramones being over looked based on their novelty.

I agree with the list in whole, as I identify with every band listed. Seeker & Almonds have pretty good arguements though regarding the female omittion.

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