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Billy Joel or Elton John?

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The vote was a very tough choice for me. I consider Billy Joel's album The Stranger among my top five favorites. Everytime I listen to it, my love for the entire album content only increases. On the other hand, there are so many of Elton John's hits and album cuts that appeal to me. Both are excellent vocalists and musicians. I'd say a higher percentage of Joel's work is substantively meaningful, on an aesthetic level. But this clip from 1971 that I ran across two days ago, put my vote in Elton's column. The voice control he exhibits has a sublime quality; the smooth flow to and from falsetto, confident and distinctive. He emulates no one and no one comes close to his style.

Must say though, I would spend money to see Billy Joel today, but Elton can no longer come near singing as he did in the clip. It is understandable; but a lower octave Elton is just not the same John.

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