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Rock 'n Roll Is Dead

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This is a song by Aaron MacDonald Band that is written completely with the titles of rock songs. I'm trying to compile a list of songs and the artists of that song , and I need help.

Here Are the lyrics:

Excuse Me Mr. I wanna touch your sexy body

Excuse me Mr. Are you goin my way

When i came upon a boardhouse lookin for a place to stay

With an old laughing lady with so much to say

Lord I'm comin home to you, walkin on the sun

I'm like the doodah man at the hundreth meridian


Who Said Rock 'n Roll Is Dead

I Wanna Know Who Said Rock 'n Roll Is Dead

Sitting in a railway station, just diggin a hole

Step lightly from the ledge baby, say hello to mr. Soul

For The wind is in from Africa and the water tasted like wine

Well Everybody knows you went your way And I stayed behind

I'm gonna cut my head now cause tuesdays gone

It's too much this magic bus and this redemption song


Hey Joe, Got Me Some Trouble

She believes that the world is a bubble

She says everyday's a winding road, but I've got this ocean pearl

But Joe you be my begging baby I'll be your north country girl

But Joe was taught a month ago about Lucy In The Sky

Stood up and laughed, no woman no pride


Well down at the roadhouse I've been recently

You get your money for nothing baby, and your ticks for free

Sweet Jane is in the corner screaming yes I am

She went from hank to hendrix can't find a better man

She sees daddy with taxi buses and US guards all around

Look out mama here's your 19th nervous breakdown


Going down hannibal, give a dog a bone

Well its the doctor of philosophy, he says I'm Alone, I'm alone , I'm alone

He says I got a fast car, now what would you say

She can rattle my hum, shes crawled she (??????????)

I aint got no shoes, so lets keep truckin out of sight, Don't think twice baby cause tonight is the night.


Some of the lyrics are definetly wrong, so if someone can figure it out, or ... legally download it, make your changes

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okay I'll start with a few

"Excuse Me Mr." - No Doubt

"Are you goin my way" (I only know "Are you gonna go my way" ~ Lenny Kravitz)

"The old laughing lady" ~ Neil Young

"Walkin' on the sun" - Smash Mouth

"At the hundreth meridian" ~ The Tragically Hip

"Rock 'n Roll Is Dead" ~ Lenny Kravitz

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Don't think twice (it´s allright) - Dylan

Tonight´s the night- Young

I ain´t got- from "Hair"

Rattle and hum- U2

Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

I´m alone- Deep Purple

Give(n) the dog a bone- AC/DC

Step lightly from the ledge baby - Dylan "It ain´t me, babe"

And the water tasted like wine- Canned Heat, "Going up the country"

Hey Joe, obvious, is Hendrix.

Lucy in the Sky, obvious, is Beatles.

Sweet Jane is, obvious, Lou Reed.

North country girl - Dylan and Cash, "Girl from the North Country"

the world is a bubble - Paul McCartney, I think... ("Tiny bubble")

You went your way, I stayed behind- Stevie Ray Vaughn, "Life from the drop", am I right?)

Everybody knows - Leonard Cohen

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