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He was definitely the best host they've had this season. He hosted a couple of years ago, too. That was the first time in a loooong time that the entire show was funny from beginning to end. Jimmy Fallon was a regular then, and they did the first "Barry Gibb Talk Show" skit. I think they've done maybe 3 or 4 altogether. Funny stuff.

1st one

2nd one

3rd one

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This is a good video whoever created it. I got it from YouTube. Its Happy X-Mas by John Lennon. It has a music video montage thing, and its really great, kinda gets you teary eyed.

This is what they should play on those late infomercials tryin to get you to sponsor a kid.


This one is awesome too...Its called Bush Vs. Lennon, and George Bush is singing Imagine. Its great!


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In Germany we have a slightly strange New Years Eve 'custom'

Every year we watch a certain sketch on TV. It's in Black and White, in English and doesn't have anything to do with New Years, but it's damn funny nonetheless :grin:

and you just have to watch it at least once every year :grin:

(it's broadcasted about a dozen times on different channels throughout the evening/night)

"The same procedure as last year?"

"The same procedure as every year!"

runs about 15 minutes

"The 90th Birthday or:

Dinner for One"

Part 1

Part 2

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well it's got to be family friendly :grin:

I don't really plan in advance that we'll watch it, but as I said it's shown quite a few times throughout new years eve, and on some point or the other someone always says: "Do we want to watch it now, or do we wait half an hour?"

I think I read somewhere that about half of all Germans watch it every year...


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