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Movies That Leave You Hanging!

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Well, most likely somewhere way back when, we might have done this post, but id like to renew it.

I saw The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp last week...i had seen it before when i was younger, but didnt quite understand. This time...well it wasnt much different as i didnt understand, cause the movie just STOPPED! Did they run outta money, did Roman Polanski stop writing, i dont understand.

So...name those movies that leave you hanging and maybe we can all come to some conclusions about movies.

#1. The Ninth Gate

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^ Yeah , Jane - what was with that , or what ...?!?!

'The Ten Commandments ' : Do they live happily ever after , or what ?

Somehow...i dont think they found the land of milk and honey right away..

of course, you cant trust every bible you pick up these days

Like in The Passion...MAJOR plot twist,,,,its like WHOA He Dies?

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I live 90 minutes from where the Mothman was suppose to have landed, Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I think I was about a 7th or 8th grader when all of that stuff was going on. There is a large sculpture at Point Pleasant of what the moth man was suppose to look like.

I think the final explanation was that it was a California Condor that got lost on its migratory path. It took up refuge in an area that during WWII was an ammunition plant. Since the war it was turned into a bird sanctuary area. There are also a lot of small ponds in the area that I have fished.

By the way in the movie a bridge collapses. This really happened. My wife, as a child, went across that bridge one week before the collapse.


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