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Burning Cold

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hey guys,

its been a while eh! well I have been writing still, and will continue to do so, I was wondering if yous could comment on my new one please?


By day break, I promise I won’t be fake

I take my stand, so take my life with my own hands

So drink tonight your glass of wine,

Cause tomorrow is my time to shine

With my eyes closed, burning cold,

This is the way the mat unrolled

Slow motion as I fall, movement to a crawl,

I could hear your life come to a stall

As I took those pills with that rum,

Yes, I thought of you, and felt like scum,

But it was too late to go back,

I had taken too much flack

With my Eyes burning cold,

This isn’t how it was to unfold

I really did love you, with all my heart,

One chance, one dance, to go back to the start

When I met you, you were the new girl

With a connection, we I give it a whirl

The world always talked down to me,

But you seen me for who I could be,

Now with eyes burning so cold,

It wasn’t the way it was to go,

With my eyes burning cold,

I turn to regret, as I burn cold

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