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just the music (no video)? no problem, I do that all the time...

you need a audio ripper, though

I'm using the No23 Recorder Link

although it's a german tool, you don't need to read anything while using it...

it's basically a recorder of any sound your computer progresses, so be careful where you're surfing (some websites automatically open sound or video files)

just ask if you have questions/troubles

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I just heard on CNN that YouTube is drawing some scrutiny from the DEA and other police agencies . It seems that some of the videos either show mock or actual drug usage . For example if you search for 'cocaine' , you may get a video of Eric Clapton singing it -along with hundreds of others showing people doing coke .

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I told my Dad about the video downloader and he thinks there is a catch, like it costs money or something. Is there?

no, there isn't... :)

just as youtube, it's completly free of charge (as are the other programms, that I linked to)

you don't have to register or put down your name or tell them your e-mail or anything either... :)

PS here's an article that might be of interest to you... 10 Interesting Things You Can Do with YouTube or Google Videos

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I jus came across this article and thought to mysel "Self, wouldn't that be an interesting article to put in this youtube threat?" and since I agreed with myself (as I usualy do), I decided to put a link to said article in here.
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