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attempt to go 4/4

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Ok..so that last 3 posts I have posted with the least amount of information about a song i'm searching for you guys have figured out. This is going to be the hardest of them all, cause I don't even know a lyric! But here goes. There is a male singer..there is an electic guitar, and a good drum beat. it's a fast paced song. it's not the Beastie Boys..but could MAYBE sound along that line..or maybe a Weezer type of song. This would be a miracle!!

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okay first of all shouldn't that be in the Q&A forum?

second your information are: male singer + electric guitar + "good" drum beat + fast + could sound like either the Beastie Boys or Weezer (which I have to agree with Batman doesn't sound alike)

that's not really much you know, there are hundreds of songs that could fit into this description. (I could probably tell you whole albums that would fit)

are you sure that you can't remember any lyrics? Not even a short phrase or words, that are maybe repeated?

are this more rap-lyrics or more a electronical distorted voice?

(in my best Jerry Maguire voice) You've got to help me, to help you!


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