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Ring my bell by Black Nero


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Hey, I just heard this song on the radio but I don't know what it's called. I'm turning my dilemma over to songfacts for the answers. The only lyrics I could hear/remember are as follows. It starts out "Ring a dong, ring a linga ding dong" or something to that extent. Later on in the song, you hear "Ring my bell, ring my bell". It's a rappish song with the ring my bell song mixed in. Any help would be great.


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I googled and found Jeff & the Fresh Prince "Ring my bell (radio mix)" No "ring a dinga..." but here are part of the lyrics. If it´s not that one I´m sure you´ll get an answer very soon...

Yo yo yo yo

Yo yo yo yo

(Ring my bell, ring my bell)

Yo yo yo yo

Yo yo yo yo

(Ring my bell, ring my bell)

Verse 1

I'm just a telephone call away

You can pick it up and call me any day

And Ima listen to all you got to say

Cause I'm the type of man that never turn a woman away

Think of this as an invitation

Your heart to mine in a conversation

So when things get to much to bare like The Jackson 5

"I'll be there"

Just call me up on the telephone

Call me up when you're all alone

And I'll give you a verbal massage

Until your man gets home

Or if you want to you know what you could do, well

You could always hop in your car and you could come and ring my bell


Ring my bell, ring my bell

(Ring my bell, ring my bell)

Ring my bell, ring my bell

(Ring my bell)


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I found it:

It's called "Ring my bell" by "Black Nero" and apperently uses the sample of Anita Ward's song...

ump it up take it up bring it up

When I ring ring ding a ding dong

You can call me up and tell me

That you want to hear my song

When I swing let it ring

Cause I wanna do my thing

And make sure the people jump up

And down a sing

Jump jump jumping all around

You're moving to the rhythm

And you're moving to the sound

I know when I sing that you

Just wanna ring my bell

(Original Sample) "Ring my bell"

Ringadong ringading a ding dong

Ding dong ding dong

(Original Sample) "Ring my bell"

Chase the pace I arrange when I'm standing

The one's coming right at demanding

Microphone check one volume louder

I time baby and I'm coming on prouder

High and low the way I go

I never stop I don't flow

No correction just perfection

You never seen a brother rock'n'roll like me

Tony T double e you see

Ding dong ding dong

Call me if you like to

Another ding another dong I won't bite you

All night long I'm feeling alright to

Dance dance have a little romance

All you need is my number in your pants

And when I get home the first thing

I do is call

(Original Sample) "Ring my bell"

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