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Newport Folk Festival 2006


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What a friendly little festival. I came for The Meters, who are a great New Orleans funk band. Everyone else was there for Indigo Girls. Thoughts:

Musicians change guitars more often than they need to, and Art Neville of The Meters called out their guitarist: "He has to keep changing to keep the sponsor happy, or no more new guitars."

Keller Williams is the new Bobby McFerrin. He sounds great live even though it's just him. He sang a song about his dog. You can do that if you're at all influenced by James Taylor (and especially if you're Jack Johnson).

Madeline Peyroux wasn't real connected. Her voice is pleasant enough, even though I'm convinced she's going out of her way to sound like Billie Holliday, but she just wasn't all there.

A Mac laptop computer is a perfectly legitimate instrument.

You can catch some great "Mighty Wind" moments at the side tents. The title says it all: "Castles Made Of Sand." I had to walk away before I broke out laughing.

Even at a Folk festival in Rhode Island, no one wants politics. I hear even at Pearl Jam shows political talk doesn't get any heat. Even though everyone there thought Bush was bad, the occassional between-act speaker couldn't muster any energy from the crowd to sign some pettition or visit some web site for more information. I think this is part of a trend where people want to keep a good distance between their politics and entertainment.

The Meters rule. I want a shirt like the second from the left:

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