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Rare finds!!

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Wish the sound and the picture quality was better, but this is still thoroughly entertaining!

Just awesome, Zooks! You know, I actually remember that show. They were some of my favorites from the '50's, especially The Five Keys, one of the best Doo Wop/Harmony Groups of the era. And with all the hits they had they chose to do my absolute favorite by them, Ling Ting Tong. I even know the meaning of "Tie-ess-a mo-cum boo-die-ay, Tie-ess-a mo-cum boo".

Bazoo, thanks for that blast from the past.

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I don't believe I've ever heard this song before

I'm surprised you hadn't encountered Shakin' All Over in some form or another. It is something of a Rock & Roll standard.

It was performed frequently by The Who.

The various covers posted on YouTube go on for pages.

Some of the noteworthy versions there are by

Hurriganes Finnish Rock band

The Lucky Cupids Rockabilly band from Slovenia

Horslips Celtic rock band with flute, fiddle, etc.

Josephine Siao in Cantonese

Mayana synth pop

Ethel Merman Experience


renditions by Van Morrison, Suzi Quatro, and even R.E.M.

[smallest] Listener Advisory: Avoid the couple crappy attempts from Billy Idol [/smallest]

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