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Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Solos

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This list can include instrumental acoustic songs, or your traditional 'guitar solo' done on acoustic guitar.

1. Hot Type - Michael Hedges

2. Tribes - Preston Reed

3. Carmine St. - Kaki King

4. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Gilmour)

5. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - CSN (Stills)

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1. Black Queen (Live) - Stephen Stills (the whole damn song).

2. I kind of like the nylon string solo on "Don't Speak" by No Doubt - short and to the point.

3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (Acoustic Version) - Warren Haynes

4. To Lay Me Down - Cowboy Junkies (amazing dobro solo)

5. Andy Warhol - David Bowie (it's just so weird)

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