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Seven Swans - Sufjan Stevens


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Seven Swans - Sufjan Stevens


I had heard from a friend that Sufjan Stevens was a great listen, so he hooked me up with Michigan, Illinois and Seven Swans. I listened to Michigan, and I wasn't too impressed, certainly not bad, but some of the songs just went nowhere. I listened to Illinois, and I enjoyed it more than Michigan, there were some amazing songs, but again some songs that just started up with horns, got too busy and went nowhere. Then came Seven Swans, and I was amazed.

From the first chords of All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands, it had me. So simple, but brilliant. All of the songs are low key and acoustic, but each verse more instruments or voices are added. The magic of instruments you don't usually hear in indie or folk music is undeniable. It was just so relaxing, and refreshing. By the fourth song, To Be Alone With You I was completely entranced. I lay on my bed and just listened to the words "To be alone with you" It was beautiful, but dark at the same time, and almost scary. Almost every song on the album is like an adventure, exploring new things, and enjoying all of them. By The time i got to the title song, I didn't think he could make a better impression on me, but I listened, and I still couldn't believe it. The way he sings, plays instruments and writes is amazing. Sufjan will repeat lines he likes to give them effect, and it works. His lines are etched in your mind :

He Will Take you, If You Run,

He Will Chase you

He Willl Take you, If You Run

He Will Chase You

By the end of the song, there are drums, several voices, piano, banjo, guitar, organ and god knows what else. Then I heard he plays ALL the instruments on the album, and I was blown away.

This album is truly magical, and if you haven't heard it, you are missing out.

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