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best male vocals ever...


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I've always thought Steve Perry, Steve Winwood, and Don Henly had the best voices in rock, just for the sheer effortless quality with which they hit and maintain those notes.

A comment going back a couple of posts. Concerning that walk that Chuck Berry "used" to do. He called it the duck walk. Honey that man still does it, every couple weeks at a club in St Louis called Blueberry Hill, in what else- The Duck Room. We go down there every so often and let me tell you, that man still rocks. He's 75!!!

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Guys like Sam Cooke, David Ruffin and Bill Withers are my pick, but on the Rock side, how about Gregg Allman? I can't think of any other Rock vocalist who sings with such passion, yet makes it easy to understand the words, even live.

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im not going best techinically here but from wut i like im goin marilyn manson he can range very greatly from the low gruff and the high pitched and i like metal alot so... thats bout it i guesse i kno im gonna catch crap for this one and ozzy was great with black sabbath after he left i lost a little interest in them, billy corgan is awesome im still sad that the smashing pumpkins brok up :( :rockon: RAWKK!

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i'm resurrecting this thread to say:

1) i'm proud to have discovered that the beautiful jeff was discussed on these boards before my arrival albeit far too infrequently

2) that jeff is the most beautiful singer i've ever heard, my favourites of his (voice wise) probably being (it's so hard to choose) lover, you should've come over, everybody here wants you and calling you (on the sin-é legacy)


3) nobody mentioned jack black - he has an incredible voice but it isn't recognised because of his comedic context!

also not mentioned (i think) morrissey - his work with the smiths was perfect. oh and i'm loving the guy from scissor sisters voice right now.

other honourable mentions definitely go to freddie mercury (wow), tim buckley (shivers), al green (such technique), billy corgan (perfect for his music), kurt cobain (so d*mn angsty) and so many many others..... i can't list them all! also a few irish boys - glen, mark, damo, kittser, q... etc

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