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These Guys Are Idiots


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From RollingStone.com:

Their music has always sucked, and their fans have always been chucklehead brutes, but Detroit rappers the Insane Clown Posse have apparently inspired a whole new level of horrifying, moronic violence. According to Sploid, the entire town of Lakewood, Washington is reeling after a group of the group’s fans went on a robbing and beating spree in formerly quaint Fort Steilacoom Park. Here’s the system: first they paint their faces like clowns and put on cheap black clothes, then they run through the park screaming “woo, woo, Juggalo†(“Juggalo†refers to the “family†of ICP fans) then they mug you, then they beat the ******* out of you. In that order.

Another Juggalo from New Bedford, Massachusetts gave us a little preview of this kind of horrifying violence back in February when he brought his hatchet (these are the kind of people who just have hatchets) to a gay bar, began hacking at people, and eventually killed a police officer before shooting both his female companion and himself. Is all this just misdirected self-loathing? Would these people be leading more constructive lives if they listened to dudes who could actually rap?

Fort Steilacoom Park is about a block away from my old school. I used to hang out there. One of my friends got jumped by the Juggalos a while back. I hate those guys.

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