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guitarists of this age??


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damn jayson im suprised you even know bout malmsteen i didnt think many people gave him a listen i thought i was the only one lol most people dont know bout him cause he always done instrumentals but his guitar work was amazing u ever heard black star??


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What does distortion have to do with guitar skill, granted distortion is awesome.

In most cases, distortion=diddly, but in the case of Morrelo he's distorting it with his guitar and amp, and that's it, he doesn't need any studio effects, and he can do everything live, and it's not like he just hits a button either, he uses a careful mix of reverb effects, whammy bar etc. to create these distorted "sounds" if you don't get what I'm saying give a listen to the Audioslave song "What You Are", there's this sick guitar solo in it that shows his mastery.

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