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I went to Rutgers, and even though I would recommend it overall, for my major, which was animal science, I wouldn't. As I progressed through my major, classes did get smaller, but the first two years I was in classes with anywhere from 200-400 other people. If you don't have good study habits and rely on memory like I do, it can be tough. The professor doesn't know you from Adam and if you don't motivate yourself to study, no one is pushing you.

Like Marc says, it all depends on your major, and if you have great study habits and are not lazy about studying, class size may not matter to you.

Good luck with your search!

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Boston is a great College town and a fantastic city when your 18. I attended Northeastern for 2 years and finished out west. But, there is Boston College, Boston University, Tufts, Harvard... if you have the grades and many smaller schools too.

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