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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten # 22

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Thank you, edna, for being observened! :bow:

Thanks you, Sweet Jane, for being understanding :bow: :bow:

Note for all: if you're not sure whether your nominations were already in a Top Ten, please have a look --> here <-- and do a quick search for it (just click "Edit" --> "Search" or [Ctrl]+[F] in your browser for the search function)

Thank You!


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farin...I will do that from now on...I try to post as fast as I can so I won't miss nominations for the top 10's...Edna, isn't that just the greatest song!! I have it on a 45...love it!! b-f...thank you thank you thank you...now if they make it in the top 10 I will be very happy...thrilled...overjoyed...giddy...just plain damn excitied!! It will be the most excitement I have had in a long time!! :grin:

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I just knew that at the first opportunity, when "American Pie" isn't in the Daily or Weekly Top Ten, someone would nominate it :thumbsup: (someone wants to have a #1... :angel: :smirk:)

Hey now! :P

Actually, I didn't even check the daily top ten, and forgot it was tried before.. And all I did was open my music folder on the laptop and start paging through looking for songs.. Nothing to do with "wanting a #1".


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The greatest surfing instrumental of all time, I believe, and I think RonJon agreed with me on another old thread where we were discussing "surf songs". COULD one of our talented young friends please try to find a video of it ?


I see a few re-nominations. Good on you; if Build Me Up Buttercup can make #2 having missed out before, you just never know. I might give If You Leave Me Now/Chicago another try next time.


Watch the old movie "Back To The Beach" just for the short clip of Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Pipeline in a club owned by Connie Stevens.

That movie also stars Frankie and Annette. It's a great spoof of 60's Beach Movies. Other music of note is Pee-Wee Herman singing Surfin' Bird.

Guest appearances by Gilligan and the Captain, Beaver, Wally, Mrs. Cleaver (Barbara Billingsly),

Don Adams, Connie Stevens (who comments to Annette that it was a shame that Annette was always the good girl, because she wasted one heck of a rack).

It's a fun stupid surf/beach movie....

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"I once knew a guy who could make a radio out of a couple of coconuts, but he couldn't fix a 3-foot hole in a boat. Wanna hear about it?" :grin:

I recall just when Gilligan was about to pick up a young lady in the bar, The Skipper came over and told them they had to leave for a three hour tour....or something like that.

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I'm in a summer party mood today (despite the fact that I feel like crap) so here are my noms

Groove is in the Heart - Deee-Lite

Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude - Jimmy Buffet

Great selection, Jenny!! Changes In Latitude,Changes In Attitude is my favourite Jimmy Buffet tune. You've definitely got my vote for that one!!! :) :thumbsup:

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What a great lot of Nominations. :thumbsup:

I'll come back and make a list of them later.

With the way our Tens go, you can never really pick what'll be #1 for sure. I don't believe American Pie (great song that it is) is any certainty ! We QUEEN fans might just get behind Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Tie Your Mother Down. Couple of Bowie songs there too !

It also looks like Band Of Gold will attract lots of support. Could Freda Payne be our first female #1 ? It was on b-f's Lista and I also had it on mine (I don't think I'll live long enough to nominate all of mine).

Going to be verrry interesting again. :)

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I'm back guys and gals! Wow what a past week. We have had some of the most intense electrical storms that I can remember in my life time in these parts. In fact the storms damaged my computer. It was knocked out of commission by power surges even though I have a pretty good surge protector. One morning while completeing my six mile walk with some buddies I thought I was a goner. We got caught out in the open when an electrical storm hit and lightning bounced off a power transfromer across the narrow street from us. It was the type where you here the sizling then see an intense white-purple light followed by a ground shaking explosion of thunder. Needless to say it shook up three guys. As we hot footed it back to the YMCA, the gym not the song, the heavens opened up.

It is too bad we can't send you guys some rain OLD 55. I have never walked in a harder rain in all of my life. These stroms were around the clock for 48 hours.

As the result we have had flash flooding. The track that I walk on got washed out in some places. The debris along the creek is piled everywhere. I even saw a few fish that didn't make it.

Well that has been my life for the last week. Now on to some music.

1. The late 70's hit "Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold.

2. Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again Naturally"


I'm all shook up, but still rockin out.

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