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Best dead songwriter


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"Best Dead Songwriter ..."

After rereading this forum thread title, my stupid side kept coming up with flip answers:

... seems obvious, Jerry Garcia.

... probably the guy who wrote that funeral march thingie; you know, "Dum dum de dum, dum de dum dum dum de dum."

... none of them seem to produce anything of substance anymore.

... Paul McCartney could probably do a decent job on this theme, "Some people want to fill the world with silly dead songs ..."

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Here's some of the old guys and gals of American popular song not already mentioned -

Richard Rodgers

Lorenz Hart

Sammy Cahn

Jimmy Van Heusen

Harold Arlen

Dorothy Fields

Cole Porter

Henry Mancini

George and Ira Gershwin

Jay Livingston

Jerome Kern

Hoagy Carmichael

Arthur Schwartz

Victor Young

Harry Warren

Oscar Hammerstein II

Johnny Mercer

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Bluesboy's list would include most of the folks that come to my mind immediately. Cole Porter would probably be at the top (no pun intended for those who know his music). I'd also add Walter Donaldson. A more contemporary guy who I miss terribly is Steve Goodman.

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I'm gonna say in no particular order

Syd Barret and Warren Zevon (For their dry wit)

John Lennon and George Harrison (because they were Beatles)

Nick Drake, but more for the innovative guitar work in alternate tuings than lyrics, and Michael Hedges for the same reason.

Really most of my favorites are still alive.

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