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PITTSBURGH Jun 12, 2006 (AP)— Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been in a motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh this morning.

Witnesses are telling authorities that the player's motorcycle collided with a car near a downtown intersection and that Roethlisberger's head hit the windshield and was bleeding. Roethlisberger has said in the past that he prefers not to wear a helmet when riding.

One witness told KDKA television that Roethlisberger was conscious but appeared disoriented before he was taken from the scene to Mercy Hospital.

A Steelers spokesman is at the hospital and confirmed Roethlisberger is being treated there, but wouldn't provide additional details.

Big Steelers fan here and holding good thoughts for Big Ben!! Plus he is an Ohio boy!!

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Quite a few star athletes have ruined their careers lately due to motorcycle accidents, like Jay Williams (Bulls) & Kellen Winslow Jr. (Browns); after so much media hype around this sort of tragedy, they should learn enough not to ride bikes anymore, at least not without a helmet.

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