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Any JD Souther fans out there?

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I was wondering if JD Souther is ever going to make another album. Has anyone heard any news about him? It's been about 22 years since the last one. I love his songs and his voice. Of his solo work my faves are "Kite Woman", "If You Don't Want My Love", and "Bangin' My Head Against the Moon". I also love his work with Linda Ronstadt.

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Hi Amelia :)

J.D. Souther is an artist that I enjoy listening to, also. I love his songwriting - and as you said, his work with Linda Ronstadt. He was in that whole group of people from the early 80s that I listened to so much: Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Eagles, etc.

I signed up with iTunes and tried to find "Only Lonely," which was my favorite. No luck.

Welcome to SongFacts :)

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