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Random Music Videos...Do You Know This Song?

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a few months ago there was a discussion here, about someone wanting to play a violin in a band...

I forgot the specifics, but I remember that I wanted to post this song, but couldn't do so, because I didn't find a video of it, but now... :)

so if you like violins in Rock songs and aren't too repeled of foreign lyrics (they aren't too important anyway), then this song's for you

Am Fenster ~ City ("At the Window")

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Is this it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwDwdeWxLg0

That was pretty good, too. Very similar... but that's not exactly bad. :P

yes, that's it!

and it DOES sound very similar - as do the rest of their songs. they were a pure pop-product, and after the first song (this one) became a hit, the producers and writers just made a few more songs that sounded like that...

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