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Random Music Videos...Do You Know This Song?

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I've found that since we've started the Songfactors Top Ten I've been scrambling to find samples of songs I don't know. I then want to hear the entire song, or see the band, so I start looking for videos. This thread is exclusively for videos of artists or songs we (young and old) should know about. Using the current Top Ten #15, I pulled a couple songs, one for us old folks, one for the youngers. What have you got to share? Don't limit them to just Top Ten nominations, that was just an example.

I knew this one and love it / gnarls barkley :thumbsup:

this is a beautiful song / White Bird :thumbsup:

roger clyne...just cause I'm seeing him next week :thumbsup:

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Roger Clyne / just cause I'm seeing him next week :thumbsup:

and a lucky, lucky girl you are! :grin: He'll be back here in July at a sit-down theatre. Which'll be good for me, cuz at that point in time sitting down will be about all I'll be able to do. ;)

I just watched the video (no speakers on this computer at work, though) and started to drool. I luuuuuuuuv me some Roger.

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I watched the video and started to drool. Had to share.
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Spectacular, Farin. That dude's a little weird...kind of like I imagine you are. :grin:

This is Tenacious D's video for "Tribute". Obviously I love them, hence my screen name. My signature is also a line from the song. Yes, that is Dave Grohl as the devil. Yes, the song they pay tribute to without ever mentioning it is "Stairway to Heaven". Yes, that is Ben Stiller making a pointless cameo. Yes, it is strange. And yes, I am, too.

Actually, this is a good video to post today, seeing as it is 6/6/06. :rockon:

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I Dare You by Shinedown. Brent Smith (the main singer) has a great voice, although you can't hear it as well in this live performance. You can actually go to their site and listen to the CD version there if you want.

I now can count to ten in German! That's 4 languages.

Ichi, ni, san is 1, 2, 3 in Japanese.

The funny thing about the Japanese language is that it must be really confusing when they're starting like a race car derby, 'cause 5 is 'go'.

"Go, shi, san, ni, ichi, GO!" :P

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