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Nine Inch Nails (feat. Bauhaus and TV on the Radio)


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Ehm, here's a review for this concert I posted on another forum


Headlining band: Nine Inch Nails

Guests: Bauhaus, TV on the Radio

Venue: Clark County Ampitheater in Ridgefield, Washington

Before I start talking about the music, the venue was really good. We had tickets for the grass seating, but it was rainy so they let everyone who was going to sit on the grass be under the cover. It was an outdoor concert. I've only been to two big concerts (this one and a Santana concert), and I have to say I prefer the outdoor venue. The Santana concert was in the Rose Garden (basketball stadium in Portland) and not to sound like a loser, but it was too loud. Outdoors, the volume was able to be really loud without hurting my ears.

7:00 - 7:30

The first band to take the stage was TV on the Radio. TV on the Radio is an indie rock band who so far have only one release, "Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes," released in 2004. They combine elements of post-punk, experimental, and jazz into their music. Aaccording to an article in the Rolling Stone, they're one of David Bowie's favorite new bands. Plus, the guitarist has a really sweet afro. They rocked pretty hard, and I think I'm going to have to check some of their stuff out. You could really tell they were not used to being rock stars though. While the singer and guitarist seemed to be having a fun time on stage, the bassist and other guitarist had their backs turned to the audience the whole time, and hardly moved. It was good music, but I'm a little confused as to why they are touring with NIN. A lot of the goth crowd did not appreciate the feel good TV on the Radio.

8:00 - 8:50

After TV on the Radio, the much more NIN-fan-friendly Bauhaus (pronounced 'bowhouse') took the stage. I had heard of Bauhaus before the concert, but I had never heard any of their songs. Apparently they were goth punk legends back in the 80's, and the crowd loved them. I thought they were pretty great, and I'm definitely going to check some of their stuff out. They were really dark and catchy. They had great stage presence. The singer was really going wild, and the guitarist seemed really cool and cocky without looking bored. Also, the singer was wearing a cool suit, and the guitarist had a totally pimp vest. He was a really good singer, and he had some great screams.


When NIN got on stage, there was what appeared to be a cage between Reznor (and his backing band) and the crowd, and the stage and crowd was full of fog. The cage turned out to be a prop that did some cool lighting stuff. NIN started hard and fast with a song from "With Teeth" that I didn't recognize (I've only listened to "With Teeth" once, and I wasn't paying much attention). The stuff I didn't recognize (which I'm assuming was from "With Teeth") was really good. It seems like there is more of a focus on catchiness, and the melody is stronger. They also played a lot of songs from "Pretty Hate Machine" and "The Downward Spiral," which was good. Trent's singing was awesome; his powerful vocals are just as good live as they are in the studio. Another good thing was Reznor's backing band. They were really getting into it, dancing around on stage, and stuff like that. As I hinted at earlier, the lights were really good. They were really flashy and added to the excitement of the music. Also, it was interesting to watch the goths in the audience attempt to dance. A lot of the dance moves involved punching the air, and shaking as if they had seizures. Reznor didn't talk to the audience very much, but that was expected. He did talk to us once, before they played the last song. He talked about "freezing his balls off" in the outdoor venue. They ended on a high note, playing "Head Like a Hole," which was probably the best part of the concert. Other highlights included "Hurt," "Terrible Lie," "Closer," and "Only," which sounded a lot heavier and fuller live.

It was a kickass concert!

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Batman, you been hanging out with Karhul again :P

The reason he always said "pronounced lehnerd skenerd" is because that's the name of one of their albums, not because he wanted to teach us all a lesson in pronunciation.

However, in this case, I was trying to teach you all a lesson in pronunciation. It looks like Bawhaws.

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