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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten # 14

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They come in handy sometimes. I knew this girl who was one of twins, and you couldn't tell them apart until her brother grew a moustache.

Boom Boom.

Please visit our new Top Ten Worst Songs #1 thread (See above).

Goodnight All. :)

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He will be something else ! He'll be running the Top Ten while Val and I visit our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in a week's time.

I'll still nominate and vote from their computer, but I don't want to monopolize it, so Farin has kindly agreed to step in. He has his calculator all ready.

Be gentle with him. It's his first time. :)

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I was really thinking more of those Patti Smith fans. ;)

When my Wife goes shopping I say to her, "make sure you lock the door. A gang of bikie chicks might come riding up the street and have their way with me".

You can't be too careful. :P

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She's out shopping again.

I think the Devil makes me do things without her calming influence.


You DO know I was just joking ?

I wouldn't want to offend such good friends as both of you.


That "locking the door" business started years ago when I'd come home from work and the front door would be unlocked. I used to say to the family "What if I'd been a mad axe murderer? You'd all be dead by now. " That's been passed down over the years. They think it was hilarious, but I was absolutely serious at the time. (I improvised the bikie girl gang).


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One of the reasons I love Songfacts is we all people are so polite!! :):):) I can flirt with danger and do some nasty things but I will always be polite!! :grin:

I love politesse.

Good night and good evening, my friends! :bow:

Reminds me of my little heroes,


Peachy, hope you're not shocked! ;)

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Well Chip n' Dale will be a nice way to close the thread, edna. :)

I'll start Top Ten #15 very soon.

I'd also like to keep Phil's Top Ten Worst Songs thread going in conjunction with the others. I think we might change things a bit, and ask people to nominate up to Ten 'worst songs' each - including ones already mentioned. Maybe we can get a pattern of those considered "most rotten" and work out a way of voting later.

We can use it in between regular Top Tens that way.



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