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Long time members of song facts

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A lot of classy, nice folks hang out here.

And then there's also bazooka.

"That's what the internet is for. Slandering others anonymously." - Banky Edwards, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


I think I first darkened the Songfacts door in Spring of '04.

Lost about 400 posts in the great Picture Wars One Purge (75% of those involved Bo Diddley in some form or another).

Had to re-up in '05 around the days of helpful green underscored links.

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I joined 3 days after my birthday in 2005 - January 23rd. I came looking for some songfacts and was so very excited when I discovered there was an actualy site with the name... I hesitantly tried out the boards and gradually became hooked. I'm not the fastest poster, but I think I've reached a respectable number of posts. I also lost some 400 posts at one point.

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I joined a little over 2 years ago, I think...I was a member for a while and just lurked on the boards and visited the main site, but then I started posting on the boards....now I'm hooked.

I live close to quite a few songfactors...two in the same state (RonJon and Malakin), but we have yet to meet. It would be great to have some sort of get-together. So many of us have kids the same age, we wouldn't need to worry about them having someone to play with

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If memory serves correctly, it used to tell your join date on the member's sidepost mini-bio that appears along with their avatar.

I accidentally joined in April of '04 when I was looking for information on Concert Ripoffs & this site came up in a google search. I was intimidated to post at first because of everybody else's experience & high post count [100 posts was a lot for a user 2 years ago] but then figured it wouldn't matter how many posts a person has as long as the statement made is significant & to the point.

I then asked about the meaning of Waiting For The Worms by Pink Floyd and got a bunch of great answers.

;) I remember that thread, it was one of the first ones I posted in. I tried to look up old threads on here for the first one, and the archive only dates back to Sept '04. Have these old posts mysteriously disappeared ?

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I joined on 1-22-06, seems like such a long time ago. About 4 months and 200 some posts later, here I am!

I found about SF when I Googled for something, can't remember what, I was like on the 10th page, one of the pages was the Songfacts for Revolution 9.(That's a SONG?)The next day I rembered that site and LOVED it. found out it had a forum, and joined.

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