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My Fair Lady especially Stanley Holloway on:

With a Little Bit of Luck


Get Me to the Church on Time

Oklahoma - title track


Oh, What a Beautiful Morning - Gordon MacRae

The Music Man

Till There Was You - Shirley Jones



from South Pacific

A Cockeyed Optimist - Mary Martin

Twin Soliloquies/Some Enchanted Evening - Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza


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One - A Chorus Line

Life is a Cabaret - Cabaret

All That Jazz - Chicago

When You?re Good to Mama - Chicago

Memories - Cats

Dentist - Little Shop of Horrors

You Got Trouble - Music Man

Til There Was You - Music Man

I Could Have Danced All Night - My Fair Lady

I Feel Pretty - West Side Story

Tonight - West Side Story

America ? West Side Story

Sunrise, Sunset - Fiddler on the Roof

Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair - South Pacific

Master of the House - Les Miserables

Don't Cry for me Aregentina - Evita

Entire Sound of Music Soundtrack

I know I am forgetting some...I could go on and on. I love musicals - my husband hates them. He says they are unrealistic - people do not break out in song in day to day life. I tell him the movies he watches are unrealistic - Adam Sandler would not be pulling in the quality of tail he does in real life like he does in the movies. :o

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Many good ones have already been mentioned, here's a few more I love... :)

Light My Candle & One Song Glory ~ Rent

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, There's a Fine, Fine Line & The Internet is For Porn ~ Avenue Q

Think of Me & All I Ask of You ~ Phantom of the Opera

He Lives in You ~ The Lion King

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These are debased times when the musical version of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's knight errant isn't remembered or mentioned. In a perfect world, "Man of La Mancha" would have been adapted to film and be as big a success as "South Pacific."

So, to those who keep the flame of hope burning and dare to dream, here's Richard Kiley to sing "The Impossible Dream."

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Anyone else like showtunes? I'm sure psychocatholic would have a lot to say about this subject.

Tis true, Peaches speaks the truth. I love almost all musicals. Jesus Christ Superstar is a wonderful musical, although it wasnt highly successful on the movie screen, it is loved by many.

Chicago- The first time i saw this was in a movie theatre, and i fell in love with it the first time. The dancing, the music, and the way it was put together.

Now, a main favorite of mine is Lil Abner...dont know how many people will remember that one, but that, along with Brigadoon were my first 2 musicals i ever did. I played Evil Eyed Fleagle in Abner, it was awesome. But, i just dont hear alot about it, guess it wasnt a hit.

Ill also mention Phantom of the Opera...one of the most succesful.

Of these, the showtunes are what draws people in. Showtunes of course makes a musical a musical Obviously. But what makes them good...

They have to draw you in, pull you into the music, and it has to surround you. You feel like you are the only one in the room, and they are singing to you and only you. Its a wonderful feeling.

In Jesus Christ Superstar the song that Jesus sings at the Garden of Gethsemane. When he first shows his human side, his emotions. I felt like i was following him.

In Chicago, i felt like a juror.

In Phantom of the Opera, i felt like the phantom, i was apart of the music during the song. Music of the Night.

Strong, powerful musicals, get my blood flowing. I Love em, and they will always have a special place in my heart. Peace.

I might post more later, but im watching Philadelphia.

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hhmm well I`d have to say -

All That Jazz - Chicago

Razzle Dazzle - Chicago

When Your Good To Mama - Chicago

Master Of The House - Les Mis

King Herods Song - JCS

Circle of Life - Lion King

Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast

Do You Hear The People Sing - Les Mis

there will be some more as the drama group I`m in does a lot of the numbers in productions, but it`s late ! hehe

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