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Did George Bush order the assasination of John Lennon?

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I've got a bridge you might be interested in.

Are you serious? Were you born yesterday?

Do you have an ounce of skeptism?

Have you seen the Alien Autopsy tape?

You know, you can learn to achieve lifelong bliss through the Maharaji.

And John Edward can probably get the straight scoop for us by contacting a 'passed' relative whose name starts with an M, or maybe a G.

Speaking of which did anyone see the PayPerView special last week where several of the worlds greatest clairvoyants tried to contact Lennon in the afterlife???

I wonder if in the afterlife Lennon has found out that it was the CIA that had him assasinated...

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Hey PaulEd,

I have to say that I admire your grace under fire.

I've been needling you pretty relentlessy here and in some other threads, without applying any graemlins/emoticons/smilies to telegraph that it is all meant good-naturedly. bazooka usually avoids graemlins because he hates them all, not just the damned dancing banana (bazooka also often refers to himself in the third person, but that's a whole other issue).

The topics you come up with have perked up the Boards lately. Now if you just start using the Spel-Czech, you could be a top SongFactist.

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And unless pay-per-view means completely free, I doubt I will. :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Peaches should have her own show on TV... :bow: I would even get pay-per-view to see it... ;)

I´m sorry about the guru, I couldn´t resist to post his picture after Bazooka posted a link... we should add it to our freaks collection with Hasselhoff and Norris...

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I've heard about it, but I did not see it. And unless pay-per-view means completely free, I doubt I will. :laughing: Somehow I think that John has better things to do with his afterlife than talk to a two-bit psychic.

From what I heard the did some kind of experiment with radio waves and Lennon communicated a message to them in that manner. He said something about giving Peace a chance--just like his song...probabbly in reference to the war in Iraq...

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Yes, "Frequency" was an excellent movie, starring Dennis Quaid and the guy who played Christ in Mel's recent interpretation of the crucifixion.

"White Noise" on the other hand, was a completely abominable movie, awful. And I'm a Michael Keaton fan, so that was a horrible disappointment.

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