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Nick Drake - "Pink Moon"


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This review is kind of short, just like the album!

Nick Drake

Pink Moon



1 Pink Moon

2 Place to Be

3 Road

4 Which Will

5 Horn

6 Things Behind the Sun

7 Know

8 Parasite

9 Free Ride

10 Harvest Breed

11 From the Morning

I wasn't expecting much going into this album. I had heard it was under 30 minutes, I had heard that Drake made this last album so short because he didn't have anything more to record. I had also heard that Drake was very depressed while making this album. I was expecting to hear an "interesting" album, and nothing more. What I heard was quite possibly the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

"Pink Moon" is a musical conundrum. Drake was depressed while recording, yet somehow managed to make beautiful music. You can really hear his depression coming out in his music, as he struggles to remain upbeat. Sometimes you find peace in the music, and it's perfect background music for a bright summer day. Sometimes you find bleakness in the music, and it's perfect background music for a gloomy rainy day. However, most of the time (and especially the first time) the music makes you both happy and sad at the same, thus causing your soul to implode.

"Pink Moon" is complex in that it conveys so many emotions at one time, but the music couldn't be simpler. It's just Drake with his acoustic guitar, and a piano break in a song or two. This album will show you the incredible power of good songwriting.

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